Beg Bugs (Cimex lectularius) our specialty!

Unlike some other insects, finding you have bed bugs is not a statement on the cleanliness of your home. Bed bugs don’t care if your home is clean or dirty or if you are rich or poor — all they want it to live around you and feed on you for dinner. Discovering you have bed bugs need not induce panic. Follow some simple tips and your experience will be more pleasant than if you ignore your bed bug problem. Affordable Bed Bug Treatments offers a free bug identification service. Simply text us a picture of the bug you found to 630-770-0867 we will help you know what pesters you. Most importantly, call a professional bed bug exterminator at the first sign of bed bugs. The sooner you contact a professional who can kill all the bed bugs and their eggs in one visit, the sooner you will be bedbug-free. Next, realize bed bugs will probably be found throughout your home, so don’t throw away your mattress, bedding, or any other furniture. Thirdly, prepare for a bed bug treatment by eliminating clutter on and around furniture and throughout your home. Lastly, relax (as best you can) and know relief is on the way! AAA National pest control company With one of our fine technicians.